Supply disruptions have proven to have significant impact on a company’s business and financial performance.  With the global economy’s increasing dependence on an international supplier base, Interos focuses on ensuring our clients have informed supply chain and risk management capabilities to ensure resiliency in the face of supply chain disruptions, ranging from cyber-attacks to counterfeit or non-conforming products.  We seek to ensure reduced impact and faster recovery for our clients, no matter where they are doing business in the world.

Interos is a supply chain risk management consulting firm with multiple offices in the Washington, DC region. Interos’ capabilities cover a broad range of technical services, including enterprise information technology solutions (IT), Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM), systems engineering, and training/education.  Interos assists our clients in strategic planning and assessment services that generate measurable performance, cost avoidance, and ensure security, specifically in enterprise IT and supply chain infrastructure systems.  Interos has worked with a number of both public and private sectors enterprises, crossing critical infrastructure categories, ranging from Information Technology, Communications, Energy, and Manufacturing, to Healthcare and the Public Health Sectors.

For more information visit our website at www.interos.net.

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