10 Tips for Successfully Adopting an SCRM Program

I recently spoke on a panel about supply chain risk management (SCRM). At the end, I left the audience with 10 tips.

  1. SCRM must be a part of the daily operation for all parts of your business.
  2. Avoid “paralysis by analysis” – just get started and refine your practices as needed.
  3. Not all SCRM is equal – there is no single risk management approach that fits every business.
  4. Define your level of risk tolerance – you must understand where along your supply chain you’re vulnerable before you can ask for help to secure it.
  5. Practice SCRM throughout the product lifecycle – you must look at implementing security from design to disposal.
  6. SCRM is an always evolving concept – you should adopt an agile approach so that your program can grow and change as threats are identified.
  7. Use business intelligence – why should you fly blind if the information is available?
  8. Determine who’s in charge? Someone must support this from the C-Suite and the Board level in order for any SCRM program to be a success.
  9. Evangelize, evangelize, evangelize – continually educating stakeholders will save the day when you least expect it.
  10. Drink your own champagne – everyone in the organization, from the C-suite on down, must adopt supply change risk into their daily operations because risk can be introduced anywhere.

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