Operating Systems and security upgrades focus on Supply Chain Risk

If the risk is real, why do so many people continue to gamble on Windows XP? Hundreds of millions of people are still using Windows XP, even though Microsoft will stop supporting the 12-year-old OS in less than a month. Most experts agreed that many XP holdouts face significant risks.  There are 2.2M ATMs worldwide and currently 95% of them run on Windows XP, banks around the world are set to pay Microsoft millions to keep their ATMs running after support for Windows XP ends.  Research has shown that vulnerable media players are constantly and specifically targeted by malicious actors. Adobe has finally released a security update for Adobe Shockwave Player that fixes a critical vulnerability that allowed attackers to take control of your system.  Apple has joined the ranks to fend off the threat of cell phone theft (Apple Picking), with patented technology that will put Apple out in front of the industry.  Discovery of a backdoor, in Samsung Galaxy, that allows attackers to have remote read/write access to user’s phone.A mystery worm that burrowed into US military computers to steal secrets six years ago may have been blueprint for spies’ super-malware.

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