‘Criminals are rapidly evolving their hacking techniques, and are attacking quickly, making timely security and fraud analytics more critical than ever’ – Gartner, February 6, 2014


Q – How can an organization protect itself proactively vs reactively?

A – Gartner predicts that by 2016, 25 percent of large global companies will have adopted Big Data analytics for at least one security or fraud detection use case, up from 8 percent today, and will achieve a positive return on investment within the first six months of implementation. 

About Interos

As a leading provider of supply chain risk management Big Data analytics, Interos distinguishes between the “noise” and the information which is truly critical by utilizing a systematic analysis and clustering approach.  The GTIC™ drills-down into critical content to identify influential data features essential to shaping the supply chain risk profile.  Through this capability, Interos analyzes links between organizations, companies, financials, facilities, people, products, shipments, cybersecurity events, and key words or concepts to understand potential supply chain risks.  In support of this capability, Interos maintains exclusive data relationships with global providers, and are always assessing new sources.  Interos maintains all data in secure locations outside the client enterprise and provides it “on-demand” to clients and stakeholders with no information technology (IT) infrastructure burden.  For more information, please visit www.interos.net

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