You Mean I Don’t Need a New Tool to Combat Cyber Risk?

A recent study was published stating that Government contractors are approaching internal cyber risk the old-fashioned ‘manual way.’

Some examples:

55% of respondents said employees now get more cybersecurity-awareness training

52% said they have reviewed and/ or re-evaluated employee data-access privileges

47% said they are on higher alert for “potential misbehavior or anomalous network activity.”

41% said they have implemented stricter hiring practices.

39% have curtailed IT administrative rights.

The insider threat has been said to cause over 60% of the issues within an organization.  We’re not suggesting new technologies are unneeded.  It needs to be understood that the insider threat is a person, and in this, organizations should be focusing on human behaviors – anomalous, suspicious, or concerning nontechnical behaviors – that might cause threats, as well as technological approaches.


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